In response to the increased number of homicides involving young people, Temple University Hospital has created a highly interactive, two-hour experience that confronts participants with the realities of youth violence on a personal level.

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About the Program

Aimed at the at-risk youth who stand the greatest chance of becoming either the perpetrators or victims of violence, this free two-hour program brings teens into our hospital trauma bays and uses real-life (and death) scenarios to educate them about the physical and emotional realities of gun violence.

How to Sign Up

If you have a group of youth (ages 13 years and older) whom you’d like to benefit from this program, Cradle to Grave offers a few convenient ways to signup. You can schedule a program by calling (215) 707-8398. You can also signup at our online scheduling page by clicking below.

Be a Sponsor

Help sponsor Temple University Hospital’s award-winning Cradle to Grave program. Through your generous support, Cradle to Grave will continue to reach more than a thousand youth each year through its innovative approach to violence prevention. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please click below.